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Uncorking Bulgaria with a book in hand

A Vinous Journey Through Eastern Europe's Hidden Gem
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In the heart of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has been quietly crafting a wine renaissance since the late 90s. With new vineyards planted on best terroirs, wineries equipped with modern facilities, and younger, talented winemakers alongside their mentors the country's wine scene has become a dynamic and fascinating tapestry. However what happens in Bulgaria stays in Bulgaria, wines remain fairly undiscovered especially the top ones, making the country treasure trove for wine enthusiasts. To unravel the mysteries of Bulgarian wine, there's no better companion than a well-curated selection of books and guides.


Books and Guides:


The Wines of Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova by Caroline Gilby MW

  • Author: Caroline Gilby MW
  •  Link: The Wines of Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova
  • Description: Eastern Europe is the last undiscovered gem of the wine world. Over the last thirty years three countries, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova have been working hard to escape the legacy of communism. For all three the regimes that took hold after the Second World War affected their wine industries profoundly, with state farms favoring mechanization and mass production over care and quality. Recent decades have seen a huge switch in attitudes following privatization, with more focus on quality and reconnecting people with the land to rebuild these historic wine industries for today's wine drinkers.

Ka&Ta Bilingual Bulgarian and English Annual Wine Guide

  • Publisher: Ka&Ta
  • Link: Catalogue of the Bulgarian Wine 2023
  • Description: Over 900 wines have been tasted and rated during 2023 by a team of wine lovers – professionals and connoisseurs. The ratings are based on a system awarding up to a maximum of 5 stars to the most exceptional Bulgarian wines. The wine map is helpful guide if you would like to visit a winery in a particular region or if you are looking for direction for wine tourism. The guide provides information on all existing Bulgarian wineries, with details of address, website, GPS coordinates, and opening hours for wine tastings and cellar visits if available.

DIVINO Bilingual Bulgarian and English Annual Wine Guide

  • Publisher: DIVINO
  • Link: DIVINO Guide 2022
  • Description: Bulgarian Wine DiVino Guide 2023 offers a currant information on majority of Bulgarian Wine producers and their wines on the market at the moment. More than 450 wines coming from close to 70 wineries divided into 8 wine regions are more than a better choise for even the most demaning wine connoisseurs.

Bulgarian Wine Routes, English Edition from Vino Zona

  • Publisher: Vino Zona
  • Link: Bulgarian Wine Routes, English Edition
  • Description: It contains information about the history of the Bulgarian wine and those contemporary local wineries – larger or smaller – that have all necessary conditions to welcome visitors, and most importantly, do this with great pleasure. unveils the scenic beauty and winemaking traditions of the country. Perfect for wine enthusiasts who want to explore the landscapes that give birth to Bulgaria's most exquisite wines.


By choosing any of the books or guides listed you will be able to lift the curtain and discover regions, wineries and wines from Bulgaria that will change your perspective forever. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, the stories within these pages will unlock the secrets of Eastern Europe's last undiscovered wine treasure. Cheers to your new favorite wine destination called Bulgarian wine!

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