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How to place online order on www.apollowine.com?

To order on www.apollowine.com :

1) You have to choose the products you like when you click on the "BUY" button. The products are added to your "Basket".
2) When you have finished adding the products, you have to click on the "Order" button which leads you to your virtual basket. In your virtual "Basket" you define the quantity, place of delivery and payment methods for your order.
3) You fill in and verify requested mandatory information ( name, family name, phone number, address and e-mail). For new customers we require an e-mail address. For registered customers you need to sign in into your profile.
If you choose bank payment method "Credit/ Debit Card" you are forwarded to a secured page of our bank partner ( United Bulgarian Bank) where you fill in your bank card information to fulfill your payment.

When paying with a bank card ( this service is not available yet, you will be informed soon for its activation):

1) A payment page of our servicing bank opens, where you enter your card details

2) If you are registered for the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication services, an authentication page of your card issuer opens, where you type your authentication password or code.                                                                                 

3) If the transaction is successful, a transaction receipt is displayed onscreen, which you print or save.   
When you choose to pay cash on delivery: You choose option "Cash" and pay the amount of your order to our delivery partner. The option "Cash on delivery" is available only for orders with a delivery adress in Bulgaria.
* When you are ready with your selection and have confirmed the delivery and payment information, you click on the "CONFIRM" button and then you have succesfully completed your order.

How to track the shipping progress of my order?

When you successfully order a product on www.apollowine.com , we send you a confirmation e-mail regarding your order. You will receive your confirmation on the e-mail you have provided for us.

We prepare your order and submit it for delivery. You receive an e-mail with the date of your delivery.

For the exact day and hour of the delivery you will reveice a message or a call on the provided by you phone number from the delivery partner

Digital Gift Card: terms & conditions

* Voucher may be used for all products offered online at www.apollowine.com.

* When ordered, enter the personal code you have received in your email, which activates the voucher amount (20, 50 or 100 BGN.).

* If the amount of the selected products is lower than the value of the voucher, the difference is not refunded and you can add more items. If the amount is greater than the value of the voucher, the difference is overpaid. The voucher can not be used for cash.

* The gift voucher can be used only for orders delivered in Europe, excl. Switzerland and Finland *, we don't deliver to USA & Asia

* You may use the code within 60 days of the date it was received. After expiration, the code is deactivated.

* The activation code from the gift card can be used one time only. Therefore the full amount of the gift card must be used.

What are available currences for payment?

APOLLOWINE.COM accept payments only in Bulgarian Leva ( BGN).

Every payment in different;than BGN currency is a subject to bank;charges and commisions from the bank of the card holder.

* for international direct bank deposit to Apollowine bank account are applicable additional bank taxes depending on the amount of deposited money ( not less than 25bgn, appr. 13euro) or 0.2% of the deposited amount of money.

How can I pay my order?

APOLLOWINE.COM provide three ways of payment:

1. With bank credit of debit card ( VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro)

2. Pay Cash-On-Delivery ( COD) to courier

3. Direct bank deposit to Apollowine Ltd bank account:


UBB Bank Account in BGN currency


IBAN: BG49 UBBS 8002 1075 2329 30

BANK: United Bulgarian Bank


MyPos in BGN


IBAN: BG57INTF40015070212002

Банка: iCard AD


MyPos in Euro


IBAN: BG64INTF40015052143492

BANK: iCard AD

EN PRIMEUR campaign: terms & conditions

What is En Primeur?

En primeur originates from french words meaning pre-launch sale ( sales in advance before offical launch on the market). In fact htis is a purchase of wine before bottling and officially released on the marker. The wines are older vintages ( not recent) and you buy it not but receive it in a certain period after that . Each of out TOP En Primeur wines is a reflection of the character and teroirre of the regions it originates, of the winemaker and winery concept where it is created.

Which wine Apollowine.com defines as Top Wines En Primeur?

  • Those are wines ( white, red or sparkling traditional method) from older vintages which reflects the terroire uniqueness and character of origin!
  • Those are wines ( white, red and sparkling traditional method) that Dimitar Nikolov WSET Advanced Certified, explored, discovered, tasted and judged with the highest points on the Bulgarian market!

How does En Primeur mechanism works?

  • En Primeur wines are purchased before official release on the market while still age in the cellars
  • As a guarantee of the quality and oirigin of the En Primeur wine, Apollowine sends Certificate of Origin attesting your ownership of the purchased bottles.
  • after the period of purchase is finished, all wines are carefully cellar in our temperature controlled warehouse . After delivery address elaboration with the owner, Apollowine delivers all purchased En Primeur wines to your door.

Why should I buy TOP Bulgarian En Primeur wine?

  • Because En primeur has guaranteed lower price that the official price when it will be released on the market
  • Because buying wine En Primuer is the only way to guarantee you quantites of a limited top and rare wines ( some wineries produce even only a barrel of them). Don't wait for the last call to purchase En Primeur wines.
  • Because you have solutions for special moments when you have to decide what bottle to open or to gift special people.

What do I pay?

The En Primeur price is guaranteed lower ( VAT included)  from the official price on release for the period stated.

What are the payment methods?

With bank card you prepay a 100% at the moment of placing order. You receive an e-invoice for the advanced payment that secures your payment.

With cash-on-delivery you pay 50% of the total amount at the moment of purchase ( once invoice is delivered to you) and 50% - the remaining amount is payable at the moment of physical delivery of the wines. In case of refusal, Apollowine keeps the right to use the paid amount for the expenses made for this order.

What do I receive at payment?

Once you select and order TOP En Primeur wine/s, you pay 100% of the amount in advance. Apollowine sends you a Certificate of origins ( and invoice for advanced payment) that guarantees your purchase.

When is En Primeur wine delivered?

En primeur wines are open for purchase during the stated period of time with final date. Please pay attention to the period for purchasing. Period for delivery depends on the winery and could be extended for which you will be informed in advance.

Delivery Terms & Conditions

All online placed orders are delivered to the address provided by the customer from our trusted logistics partner  and their international partners.

Shipping cost for all orders on territory of Bulgaria ( excluding Sofia)

Delivery to your door address on the territory of Bulgaria (excluding Sofia):


Up to 6  bottles ( per order) - 10.00 bgn. less than 150bgn.

Up to 12 bottles (per order) - 16.00 bgn.. less than 150bgn.




Up to 6 bottles (per order) - 12.00 bgn. under 150bgn.

Up to 12 bottles (per order) - 18.00 bgn. under 150bgn.



Delivery fo SPEEDY OFFICE ( excluding Sofia). In Sofia delivery only to your door/ address!


Up to 6 bottles per order - 6.00 bgn. under 150 bgn.

Up to 12 bottles per order - 10.00 bgn. under 150bgn.




Up to 6 bottles per order - 8.00 bgn. under 150bgn.

Up to 12 bottles per order - 12.00 bgn. under 150bgn.


* All pack and promo packs are calculated as 1 SKU.



1 to 5 bottles - 5 bgn, less than 150bgn

more than 6 bottles - FREE DELIVERY

*All SKU packs and promo packs are count as 1 SKU.


Pick-up Point: Office, 139, Sv.sv. Kiril i Metodi str., Sofia

!!!N.B! Our office/ pick-up-point does not stock all available on the website SKUs so you need to place your order online or by phone before picking-up yourself. We apollogize if we cause any inconvinience. Please feel free to contact us via phone +359898701183 so we can offer personal delivery option at convinient for you time.

* a bottle is 0.75l

* 1 case of wine consist of 6 btls / 0.75l

** FREE delivery is available only on the teritorry of Bulgaria

All shipping and hangling expences are payable at the moment of order placement when using the bank card payment method or at moment of delivery when preffered payment methos is cash-on-delivery.

Delivery time:

  • not later than 2 ( two) working days - for the teritorry of Sofia city and the rest of Bulgaria, if order is placed before 11 a.m.
  • delivery on the next day is possible only if the order is placed before 11am and all ordered articles are available at the time of purchase
  • not later than 3 ( three) working days - for the teritorry of Sofia city and rest of Bulgaria, if order is placed after 11a.m.

Apollowine do not guarantee the availability of all ordered articles. In terms of impossibility to deliver because of unavailablity at the producers celler or bin ended product , Apollowine will inform you within 24 hours for the current availability of the requested product/s. If the ordered products were paid with bank card, Apollowine will offer a replacement or will reimburse the full amount of the unavailable products.

The wines are appropriately packaged due to shipping requirements.

* Please be informed that your order could be packed in recycled trasnportation box in good condition guaranteing reliable and safe delivery, caring for nature.

The order is delivered to the Customer or third party that accepts and confirm acceptance in the name of the Customer by signing the documents requested from the delivery company. In case that Customer is not available at the adress at the time of delivery, the delivery company leaves a message for second delivery. In the case of second delivery, it is Customers responsibility to contact the delivery company and arrange a suitable time for pick up.

International delivery - terms and conditions

Apollowine.com: Delivery orders to the following countries:

    UP TO 10KG/6BTLS UP TO 20KG/12BTLS UP TO 30KG/18BTLS 30-100KG/24-60BTLS 100-200KG/60-120BTLS
Romania 1-2 days 50 30 70 40 120 65 160 85 200 110
Greece 1-2 days 110 60 200 110 250 130 320 170 420 220
Germany 3-4 days 110 60 200 110 250 130 320 170 420 220
Austria 3-4 days 110 60 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Hungary 3-4 days 110 60 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Belgium 3-5 days 110 60 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Denmark 3-5 days 120 65 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Italy 3-5 days 110 60 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Luxembourg 3-5 days 110 60 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Poland 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Slovakia 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Slovenia 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
France 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Netherlands 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Croatia 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Czech Republic 3-5 days 125 70 150 80 180 95 250 130 360 190
Estonia 5-7 days 160 55 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Spain 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Latvia 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Litva 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Portugal 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Finland 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270
Sweden 5-7 days 160 85 180 95 200 110 300 170 520 270


* For shipping to UK please contact us by email: wine@apollowine.com or phone ( +359898701183) for all details and requirements.

* For shipping to Switzerland and Monaco please contact us by email: wine@apollowine.com or phone

(+359 898 701183) for additional details and requirenents.

* 1 case = 6 bottles ( 0.75l) = 10kg

* 2 cases  =12 bottles ( 0.75l) = 20kg

* 3 cases = 18 bottles (0.75l) = 30kg

All international orders are packed in our special transportation box with foam construction for minimizing damages.

Orders to the EU will be BG-VAT inclusive unless you are buying through a registered company.
Prices for wine orders outside the EU will be exclusive of BG VAT

Export delivery charges marked as “TBC”
If export delivery charges in your online order are marked TBC (“to be confirmed”) then no payment will be taken until we have contacted you by email or phone to confirm you accept the delivery charges.

Local taxes – non-EU deliveries
All orders for delivery outside the EU may be liable to local duties and taxes for which customers are responsible. The local delivery agent in your destination country will contact you to arrange payment of these taxes.

If your order is a gift, please contact us as soon as you place the order at bbr@bbr.com, quoting your order reference number and we may be able to arrange for you to pay these on behalf of the recipient of your gift.

All overseas orders will be re-packed in export cartons for safe transit; we may be able to arrange to ship original cases if requested when the order is placed. Please contact us for further details.

Please note that we cannot export: glassware (including decanters), items that contain foodstuffs, or mixed cases of wines and/or spirits. Furthermore, we do not export spirits to the USA. For further information please contact us.

* We cannot ship/export spirits/ glasswate internationally

Online Dispute Resolution

The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.

Follow the link:

Return and Replacement

You have the right to return the purchased goods within the 14-day statutory time limit. Claims are accepted within 30 days of purchase.

To return products purchased from Apollowine.com, please fill out the form below and send it to us singed along with the returned goods.

The refund for returned products takes place within 14 days of the date of receipt of the returned package. The refund will be deposited to the bank account you specified on the return form.

Return address for products:

Sofia, bul. Konstantin Velichkov 49

Recipient: Apollowine Ltd


Free return of goods is possible only when in Sofia and all goods are returned to our shop, located in Sofia, bul. Konsatntin Velichkov 49

All return expences via courier companies shall be at the expense of the customer

What is the meaning of AW scoring points?

95 - 100 Великолепно / Classic: great wine

90 - 94 Изключително / Outstanding wine

85 - 89 Много добро / Very Good wine

80 - 84 Добро / Good wine

Our wine experts ( also internation wine jugde) chose to use the 100p system in Apollo Wine Ratings