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Prometeus Mavrud Edoardo Miroglio

Prometeus Mavrud Edoardo Miroglio
Item #: 120114
Local Grapes: Mavrud
Colour: Red wine
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Eastern Thracian Valley
Producer : Edoardo Miroglio
Variety: Mavrud
Vintage: 2020
Bottle size: 0.75 l.
Closure Type: Cork
Alcohol %: 13.5%
Maturity: Ready, but can age and develop
Body: Medium to full
Sweetness: Dry
Apollo rating (0-100):
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100% Mavrud

1290 EUR
AW Rating: 95/100
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Edoardo Miroglio

Edoardo Miroglio winery is located in the Thracian valley in the village of Elenovo, on 22 km. From Nova Zagora. The winery is surrounded by vineyards spreading on rolling hills, a lake and green lawns, which provide excellent conditions for the development of wine tourism. Edoardo Miroglio winery was established in 2002 with first production in 2005. The winery is located in the central part of an array of approximately 220 hectares of vineyards, which cover the hillside of Saint Ilia which descends to the village of Elenovo. The annual production capacity of Edoardo Miroglio Wine Cellar is approximately 1 million liters of wine. The production cycle covers all technological operations - from primary grape processing to wine bottling.

Elenovo – a fertile terroir! The vineyards are located on the slope heading down to the village of Elenovo. The physical and chemical composition of the soil, the soil layers, the microclimate that is created between the hilly area located more than 400 meters above the sea level on Saint Ilia hill, give the area all necessary for the production of high-quality wines. The planting of the vineyards began in 2002, choosing as the first variety the Pinot Nero. Over the next two years follow the other international varieties such as Chardonnay, Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Merlot, Sirah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. In the spring of 2005 Edoardo Miroglio winery expanded with the Bulgarian varieties Mavrud and Melnik. In 2008, the range of local varieties further expands with Bouquet and Rubin.

Excellent climate for wine. The average spring and autumn temperatures are low and are characterized by big temperature differences. The average quantity of rainfall favors the cultivation of the vineyards. Summers are warm, but not muggy and with low humidity.
Cultivation: The planting density is about 5000 vines per hectare. The winery cultivates the vineyards using the traditional method of the Piedmontese viticulture, evaluated and applied around the world, adapting the technology to the peculiarities of the region.

The cultivation of quality vineyards cannot be improvised. It requires hard work and experience, knowledge and passion. Thus, the years long experience and passion invested in the Italian winery Tenuta Carretta were gradually multiplied and adapted in the Edoardo Miroglio winery

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