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Spring Garden Eolis
Apollo rating (0-100): 89/100

Eolis Spring Garden

21.90 BGN
Item #: 121112
Colour: White wine
Country: Bulgaria
Region: East Rhodope
Producer : EOLIS
Variety: White blend
Vintage: 2019
Bottle size: 0.75 l.
Closure Type: Cork
Maturity: Ready to drink
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry
Apollo rating (0-100):
Food Matching:

A blend of Semillon , Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.

Spring Garden is the new wine story from Aeolis. The wine is inspired by the richness of spring, when the air shimmers with the buzz of thousands of invisible insects and the wind scents flowers. In the spirit of a biodynamic understanding of the vineyard as an interacting vibrating whole, we decided to combine three white varieties that we grow.

The three varieties were picked in mid-September and fermented together in French oak barrels. Fermentation is spontaneous, with wild yeasts that are specific to our vineyard.

The semillon brings aromas of acacia blossoms and honey, the viognier complements it with a sense of ripe white peach, almond blossoms and oak notes (yes, one of the varietal specifics is oak notes), and the sauvignon blanc adds its minerality.

The nose evolves. As soon as the bottle is opened the wine is dominated by almond kernels, which give way to scents of juicy peaches, yellow flowers, honey.

Spontaneous fermentation conveys depth and an intriguing multi-layeredness in the flavour. With each sip we discover different flavours - ripe nectarine, acacia honey, apricot kernels, white pepper, tangerine, complemented by minerality and pleasant acidity. The sense of ripe fruit and minerality lingers in the long rich aftertaste.

As the bottle opens, it begins to live and evolve. If you leave the wine in the fridge, it will "dissolve" and even after a few days will surprise you with its intensity and its life over time.

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