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Gift Voucher for 20 euro
Apollo rating (0-100): 100/100

Digital Gift Vaucher for 20 euro

20.00 BGN
Item #: gift20
Country: Bulgaria
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One's taste in wine is very personal thing and even personal emotion. Peope's palates vary as much as their levels of experience and knowledge. So once you are not quite sure what would bring total excitement, then consider digital Apollowine Gift Card.

Apollowine Gift Cards are the perfect present for your business partners, friends and relatives. Easy to redeem, they can be used for all product offered online on Apollowine.com

Gift Cards are the perfect way to spread the enjoyment of fine wine and spirits.

* Digital Gift Card - received in your email
* Gift Card may be used for all products offered online on www.apollowine.com
* Gift Cards are available in 20lv, 50lv, 100lv and 150lv. denominations.
* Gift card is identified by a 10-digit unique CODE to be fill in during the redeeming purchase
* The activation code from the gift card can be used one time only. Therefor the full amount of the gift card must be used.
* One may use the code within 180 days of the date it was received. After expiration, the code is deactivated.

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