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Pet Nat Satin Ancestrale Logodaj

Pet Nat Satin Ancestrale Logodaj
Item #: 121588
Colour: White wine
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Melnik
Producer : Logodaj Winery
Variety: Melnik 55
Vintage: NV
Bottle size: 0.75 l.
Closure Type: Crown cup
Alcohol %: 13%
Maturity: Ready to drink
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry
Apollo rating (0-100):
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Pet Nat from Melnik - Satin Ancestriale is the new released pet-nat by Logodaj Winery

1490 EUR
AW Rating: 88/100
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Екатерина Петрова

Logodaj Winery

Logodaj Winery, established in 1994 is situated in the very heart of the picturesque Struma valley. It is the sunniest and the hottest part of Bulgaria, having ancient and rich history and long – lasting traditions in winemaking. The warm sun rays and the terrain greatly contribute to it and the craftsmanship of the winemakers has been acknowledged for many years.Broad Leave Melnik Vine and Early Melnik Vine are grapes varieties, grown only in this part of the world, along the Struma valley.

A little more than 10 years ago, there was a revelation: the future of Bulgarian winemaking had to take a new enological path, in search of absolute quality and full harmony. To achieve this goal, the proper place, proper time, and best people were necessary. This brought about the idea of the

LOGODAJ WINЕRY, a place of infinite potential, cultivated with wisdom and experience by its "artists," who seek, with every vintage, to create a new masterpiece.

LOGOGAJ Winery takes pride in working under the consultancy of the world famous enologist Riccardo Cotarrela strictly following his innovative technologies to create noble and harmonious wines.
Logodaj is a new and modern winery, whose conception is to create delicious, multilayered and complex wines having rich and concentrated fruitfulness and harmony.

They emphasize on the development and acknowledgement of the unique Bulgarian grapes varieties all over the world.

Production dictated by the nature of the vintage, hand-harvesting only when the grapes are fully ripe, the grapes of the individual vineyards fermented separately, in the respect of a unique and precious terroir.

Thanks to the people who throw their hearts, heads and souls into their work year round. The results can be seen, but are even more evident in a glass of noble wine…
This region includes the southwestern parts of the country. The size is not large, but has specific climatic conditions approaching him to the Mediterranean areas.

The valley of the Struma River grown local variety Early Melnik Vine, Broad Leave Melnik Vine, Rouen, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The resulting wines are characterized by warm southern tones in the aroma, with fullness of flavor and richness of total impressions.

Of particular interest are the wines from a variety Early Melnik Vine, rich and sufficiently large and aging acquire exotic and very nice colors in taste.
Early Melnik Melnik vine or 55 is a hybrid wine grape variety, a cross between the Broad Leave Melnik Vine mixed pollen varieties Dyurif, Zhyurason, Valdigie and Cabernet Sauvignon. It occurs only in the region of Sandanski Katuntsi.

Suitable varieties are humosno-carbonate soils or sandy clay, warmer soils. Relatively resistant variety of low winter temperatures. The vines are susceptible to mildew and powdery mildew. The grape is resistant to gray mold.

This variety is a middle. Grapes ripen 20-25 September. Vines are vigorous, with good fertility and yield. The yield is about 1500 kg / ha. The bunch is medium size, cylindrical-conical or winged one winged, compact to semi-compact. The grain is medium large, oval, juicy. The skin is thick, dark blue with dots. Variety of wines are made with deep ruby ??color, rich flavor and aging potential.

Broad Leave Melnik Vine is a wine grape variety, distributed mainly in the region of Petrich and Sandanski. Latest high quality red variety. It thrives in light soils sloping south. Gives regular yields long pruning, cluster is a medium-sized, semi-compact to compact, conical, sometimes winged. Average wholesale grain and skin - dark blue. From him prepare high quality table and dessert wines.

Ruen is a red wine grape variety selected in PPC "Georgi Dimitrov", Plovdiv, by crossing varieties Broad Leave Melnik Vine and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Medium maturing variety: mature between 15 and 20 September. Not resistant to fungal diseases.

The bunch is medium (157 years) conical concise. Berries are small (1.6 gm) rounded. The skin is thick, strong, dark blue, covered with a thick waxy coating and rich in coloring matter. The juice is colorless.

Sugar content is about 22.2%, acid - 6.6 years / l The resulting variety of table wines are dark red, extractive, fresh, with harmonious taste.

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