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Thracian rider Cabernet Franc Dzinvira Winery

Thracina Rider Cabernet Franc Dzinvira Winery
Item #: 120668
Colour: Red wine
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Western Thracian Valley
Producer : Dzinvira Winery
Variety: Cabernet Franc
Vintage: 2020
Bottle size: 0.75 l.
Closure Type: Cork
Alcohol %: 13%
Maturity: Ready to drink
Body: Full
Sweetness: Dry
Apollo rating (0-100):
Food Matching:

100% Cabernet Franc from own vineyards of Dzinvira Winery

Тhracian Rider Cabernet Fracn has typical varietal aromas with a rich complex bouquet of green bell pepper, cocoa, tobacco and stone fruits.

Juicy body with fruit characteristics and light dryish tannins.

The taste brings to mind the flavour of ripe sour cherry, blackcurrants and dark chocolate.

Great value for money everyday wine.

790 EUR
AW Rating: 87/100
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Dzinvira Winery

On April 2, 1940, our great-grandfather registered his first company, with the name "Loza" -Georgi Dzhingarov. The initial capital was 1 250 000 leva and the main business was related to trade and export of grapes, fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, fresh and processed products. The business was developing fast and the main market was Germany. Mostly fresh grapes, marmalade and wine were exported. At the very initial stage of the enterprise, a particular need was emerging for a trusted and educated person to take care of all legal and
financial issues arising in the relations between German buyers and the company. Despite the difficulties of the harsh military time, our grandfather took the courageous decision to send somebody to study in Germany, as per their standards, to gain the necessary knowledge and
skills needed to maintain his company's business. Thus, after three years of study, the company got a valuable professional, who in these distant times was a rare case even in the companies in the big cities, not to mention the rural areas.
Production and trade went on at full speed, and the number of wagons loaded from Krichim station (presently, Stamboliyski) was growing with each passing year. Luckily or unfortunately, soon the political situation in Europe and in the country got radically altered. What has been acquired and scratched up with hard work suddenly disappeared, and the profession, exercised with love and dedication over the years, at once has become
meaningless. A dark half-century period of great turmoil in social and economic life followed, as a result of which the entrepreneurial spirit got completely destroyed just to revive again through the heirs of the family in modern times.
Cradled with the family stories of his grandmother, searching for the spirit of his ancestors, at a certain point in time Pavel Dzhingarov decided to forget about the modern world and a well-paid job with a promising career. At the age of 20, he got back to his roots to become a pillar for restoring the family traditions in the field of viniculture and winemaking and family entrepreneurship. With his wife - Reni Dzhingarova, who unconditionally follows him through all the difficulties and travails, they set the beginning of the reborn business, starting with a hereditary piece of land of 6, 3 decares. Like any new beginning, difficulties were almost insurmountable. There were too many heirs, and the pieces of land were small and fragmented. The progress was almost ignorable at the initial stage. More than 20 years have passed before the Dzhingarov’s, as a result of their hard and dedicated work, managed to get closer to the pre-war time business scale. After all, the whole family pulled together managed
to regain the brilliance of the former entrepreneurial fame and high reputation of its ancestors.
Despite the many financial difficulties encountered along the way, Pavel Dzhingarov has not for a moment left his family and spirituality behind. Their two y children Georgi Dzhingarov (now 28) and Tanya Dzhingarova (now 13) are cradled with deep love for the family craft.
Although being quite young, Tanya quickly gets knowledge of the secrets of the craft, and for Georgi it seemed that there are no other options. In the autumn of 2018 "Dzhinvira" winery has opened its doors to accept for processing its first harvest. Being supported by the whole
family, Georgi has focused all his efforts to the development of the winery, a passionate desire for appreciation in the dynamics of our contemporary life, striving to meet the highest craft standards.
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