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ZARIC PLUM brandy Kraljica
ZARIC PLUM brandy Kraljica

This rakia is produced with special attention from the best suitable for the production of rakia sorts of plums and ages in oak barrels. Its aroma reminds a lot of the best French cognacs. It may be served equally good the way cognac is served (slightly warmed), the way rakia is served and also the way vodka is served (in chilled glasses).

It is characterized by rich, intense aroma of fruit, harmonic fruit taste and a long oak dominated aftertaste.

This rakia, just like all other products of Zaric, is produced with a cutting age, state of the art technology combined with a lot of professional know-how. It would perfectly fit to smoked ham, rich salads, grilled vegetables as well as nuts (almond, walnut).

4690 BGN
AW Rating: 88/100
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