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Zlatna Dolina 12 y.o. PLUM brandy
Zlatna Dolina 12 y.o. PLUM brandy

This brandy by Zlatna Dolina is an excellent 12years old plum rakia produced in a traditional way in a pot still without a distillation column using almost exclusively own grown fruit. In terms of taste characteristics and production process, this rakia comes very close to the authentic well-known homemade rakia. At the same time, its production is based on a very long family tradition and supreme craft inherited through the generations in the family producing it. It ages very successfully for a very long period of time adjusting and improving its taste throughout the aging process. The fermentation process takes place in an oak barrel. This 12 years old rakia is currently at its peak. It has reached a perfect balance in taste and aroma between fruit and aging effects with the aging effects already dominating over the fruit. It would fit perfectly to dark chocolate and cigars as well as nuts (almonds, walnuts).

4490 BGN
AW Rating: 88/100
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Distillery Zlatna Dolina

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